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Writer's Block: It came from planet Claire

If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

Chiyo's planet!!~ XDD jk
I'll think about a dreamy name like happines planet or planet of miracle or something LOL XDDD
      "Dance instructor-san will kill me, seriously" Maimi said to herself as she looked at her watch. they are late. again. for their dance practice. geez. they always late last week, she talked to them already,, telling them to be on time. But it seems like they don't listen. Maimi got scolded last time because of the others. she didn't mind it, since it's the consequence of being a leader. 
     "geez, where are they? dance instructor-san would be here anytime now." she pouted. she's worried, not only about she,, being scolded,, but about their dance lesson.
     "Maimi." she heard a voice behind her. she gulped.
     "Ma-manager san. hehee, what's up?" she tried to smile, but it's a fail.
     "Someone told me that everyone always show up late in dance practices. is it right?"
     "Y-yes. I told them to be on time already, demo.." she don't know what to say anymore.
     "Try to talk to them again, okay? If your dance practices always like this, I'm afraid you guys will mess up on concert and PV makings." manager-san patted her shoulder. "I talked to Dance instructor san already, at least she wouldn't scold you this time"
     "Hai, thank you very much" Maimi smiled. their manager walked away. she sighed.she HAVE to stop this. But she don't know how. Dance instructor san walked in into the practice room. she sit down in the corner and wait.
    "I'm so sorry, dance instructor san,, for the delay"
    "hmm." she nodded. Maimi sighed. some minutes passed. 15 minutes after that, she heard her friends running into the practice room.
    "Sumimasen! sorry, we are late!" They bowed. dance instructor-san sighed.
    "that's fine. don't do it again. now let's start our lesson.." she said. the girls nodded.
    "Ne, minna san" Maimi called her friends while she's walking towards them.
    "Nani, Maimi chan?" Nakki asked her. everyone looked at her, waiting for her respond.
    "etto.. I told you guys to show up on time. why you guys are always late?" she asked softly. the girls looked at each others.
    "uuh.. sorry,, we promise we wouldn't do it anymore,, ne, minna?" Chisa looked at the others, asking for agreement. the others nodded.
    "we promised." they said together. Maimi tried to smile. at least they promised. she know her friends. Once they've promised,, They will try their best to fulfill it.
    "ne minna, let's eat dinner together!~" Airi said.
    "great idea!!~ lets $%^&*()((*&^%#$%^&*(" Mai nodded in agreement.
    "$&^&&*(&(#)$&*#$&@#*(@* gyaa kyaa haha"
    "^*(&*^*&^(^*& gyaaa *&*%(^$^&*(_)(*&%^&$&^&%^$$^&*(_)(( hahaha"
Maimi smiled. they're always noisy like that. She love her friends,, everyone. she love C-ute. well, it's okay if dance instructor san scolded her again,, she's fine with that.
    "Come on Maimi~!" Airi called her.
    "Haaai, I'm coming!!" she giggled and run towards her friends.

Nakki, Airi, Chisato and Mai are busy,, preparing a surprise for Maimi. They knew Dance instructor san scolded her because of them. Feeling guilty,, they decided to make a surprise for their lovely leader. They wanted to re-decorate their practice room. they brought pillows, paintings, food, drink, video games,, anything that can make their practice room comfortable for them.
     "I think we should put this one over here!" Mai said to Chisa
     "No, It'll be strange! I think we should put it over there! It's better!" Chisa disagree with Mai
     "Noooo over hereeee!"
     "Over thereeee!"
     "ssshh minna! she will hear us!" Nakki remind them
     "Nakki is right guys. Calm do.. UWAAAA! " Airi slipped. Nakki wants to help her,, But she slipped too. Both of them laughed. they ignored Chisa and Mai.
     "Hey, Nakki,, I think this will be better if we put it over there ne"
     "no, here's better"
     "but I think..."
     "Hey minna! pillow waaar!~" Chisa throw a pillow to Airi and Nakki
     "uwaaaa that's unfair!"
     "we will win ne Nakki?! come on!"
     "uwaaa ruuun~!" Mai and Chisa laughed.
Maimi peeked from the door and giggled. She smiled. She really loves them,, all of them :)

  Hello! I'm Yajima Maimi! I'm the leader of °C-ute! Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

                                                   OWARI!!~ ♥

Writer's Block: Looney times

What was your favorite childhood cartoon, and why?

it was Dora XDD
LOL, Idk what I was thinking XDD


Hello~! I'm Chiyo :D I'm currently living in Indonesia,, and I'm 13 ^^

my fandoms:
♥ Hello! Project
♥ 9nine
♥ Anime/Manga
♥ Johnny's Ent.
♥ AKB48
♥ Shida Mirai
♥ Ohgo Suzuka
♥ a little bit SNSD and KARA

I love all of them~! XDDD 
But if you have another fandom, please share it to me ~ :)

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~ 

C-ute fanfic #1 ( C-ute Family ) [ONESHOT]

Genre: Friendship 

Yajima Maimi desu! I'm 18 years old, going 19 this february.
I'm the leader of °C-ute, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Hi! I'm Nakajima Saki~ they calls me  Nakki.
I'm 17~! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Kyuuto no Suzuki Airi desu~
My name is Suzuki Airi. I'm 16. Going 17 this April tough!!~
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu♥

I'm Okai Chisato~! I'm 16 years old.
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!

Hagiwara Mai desu! Mai is 15 years old!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

      5 girls,
                                Different personalities'
           One group,


      "break time. we will continue our last dance practice in 15 minutes. you guys need some practices" the dance instructor said.
      "haaai~" the girls replied. after their dance instructor walked away, the girls sighed.
      "huaaah, yabai~ I'm soo tired" Chisa mumured
      "me too ne chii!" Mai nodded while she's drinking. everyone was really tired, and they're sweating. of course,, the one who's sweating the most is our leader,, Maimi,, the queen of sweating (?)
       "nee, Maimi chan. the dance was pretty hard deshou?" Nakki asked her.
       "yep, I'm totally agreed. it makes me sweating soo much" Maimi smiled. "But it's fun to do nee? especially to you nakky, you love dancing right?" she continued.
       "hai haai, I like it" Nakki smiled.
       "ne Maimi chan! Nakki! look! Airi is sleeping already!" Mai yelled while chisato giggled, Nakky and Maimi turned around to see Airi. She's sleeping on the floor. Nakki and Maimi looked at each other and laughed. after that they went to toilet.

       "ne Airi! wake up! don't sleep on the floor yo!" Mai tried to wake Airi up. but she got nothing in reply. Airi's still sleeping.
      "Airi! wake up ne!" chisa pokes Airi's cheek.
      "mhmm..go away monster..zz" Airi groaned. Chisa and Mai looked at each other.
      "what did she just say?! she called me monster?!" chisa said in a naughty tone
      "uh huh chii! time to wake our kappa up!" Mai replied. they grinned.
      "EAT THIS! MAIMAI TO CHISA'S WAKING UP ATTACK!!" they yelled and jumped on Airi. Airi's still sleeping, ignoring those two kids.
      "Airi! we wont let you go if you dont wake up!" Mai said
      "And we mean it yo!" Chisa continued. but Airi ignores them, she keep sleeping.
Chisa and Mai remain calm. they don't know what to do anymore.
      "huaaah..she wouldn't wake up ne?" chisa yawned.
      "yeaah..I'm kinda sleepy too ne, chii" Mai yawned. some minutes later, they fall asleep.
Nakki walked into their practice room.
      "eh?" she's surprised. Mai and Chisa is sleeping on Airi. They faces looks really peaceful. Nakki wants to wake them up, but she cant. she don't know why, but she just can't. maybe she don't want to ruin that peaceful moment up. she giggled and leaned her body beside Airi. some minutes wouldn't matter. she smiled while she closed her eyes.
Maimi just got back from the toilet. she walked toward their practice room.
      "strange.. no noisy voices.." she tought before she open the door. she open the door and gasped,, surprised. she wanted to wake them up, but just like nakki,, she can't. Their faces are too peaceful. she smiled. a warm smile.
      "some minutes wouldn't matter.."she whispered as she closed her eyes,, preparing to go into the beautiful dream land.
Dance instructor-san and manager-san walked toward °C-ute's practice room. like Maimi, they're confused because there isnt any noisy voice. after they opened the door,, they surprised.
      "ne, look at these girl.." Dance instructor-san said.
      "their faces are.. so peaceful ne?" manager-san replied.
      "they are really noisy when they're up. and they always tease each other." Dance instructor-san giggled.
      "but they love each other ne? they looks like a family to me" Manager-san smiled.
       "yup. just let them take some rest for a while. i'm tired too." Dance instructor-san said.
         "yeah.. some minutes wouldn't matter.." Manager-san smiled as he closed the door.


                                        OWARI~! hope everyone likes it :)
If you could change one thing about yourself, except for looks, what would it be?

My laziness! I really want to change that~ :D